Birthdate: 9-26-2005
Contest Results: ESA 2014-1st place points standing, OCSA 2015-3rd runner up, Pecks Beach 2015-2nd runner up, Chip Miller 2015-2nd runner up, Brendan Borek 2015-2nd runner up, Heritage Grommets 2015-4th runner up
Favorite surfer …. Craig Anderson
What do you do when it’s flat? Skate, swim, yoga, Joel Parkinson’s training app Sk8 and play tunes
I love surfing with my family and close friends.… and I’m always stoked to surf with my Cape May crew!
What is your favorite part about surfing? I’m always happy when I’m out in the water surfing
Goal in the Sport? To constantly improve my skills and competitive surfing, but most important is that I continue to love what I’m doing
Weird but True!? I may only be ten….but I enjoy good cup of coffee every morning. My mom lets me, ha ha
Crazy Travel Story? Got washed into the Frisco pier and I got scared out of the water by a bull shark in Florida
Parting Words? “When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun. Now, go. Go away. Read some books.”