D.O.B: 12/3/96
Hometown: Longport, NJ
Homebreak: Longport
Current Sponsors: Heritage, Salty Crew
Travels: Tortola, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, OBX, Greece.
Contest Results:1stgroms Volcom VQS series 2011, 6th 2011 ESA Northeast regionals , 1st Boys Heritage/Quicksilver Gromfest 2010 and 2011, ESA SNJ Junior Men Champ 2011, 1st boys 2010/2011 Absecon island championship, 1st 2011 Heritage Pearl Classic Open and Junior men, 1st boys 2011 Dean Randazzo Surf For A Cause
What do you do to train: run and swim
What do you do when it’s flat: Fish and skateboard
Who is your crew? Vas, Jack, Matt, (BWB) Big Wave Baylo, Finno, seantee, dave, cameron, Johnny, Robert, max, JmCH
Your favorite part about surfing: Barrels and Airs
Favorite Surfer: Dane Reynolds
Goals in the sport: Do my best and win some big comps
Craziest travel story you got: None yet…..
How did you learn to surf: My Brother taught me
Parting words: “Do eim Steezy”