Date of Birth: November 28, 1988
Hometown: Longport, NJ
Home Break: Slingys
Sponsors: Heritage, N.U.B.
Contest results: 3rd place 2007 NJ Grudge Match, 5th place 2008 ECSC ASP pro jr
Travels: Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, West Coast, Mexico, Puerto Rico
What do you do to train?...Surf.
What do you do when it’s flat?...Mud wrestle.
Who is your crew? Who are your friends?...Tucka, Hob, Big perv, Billy d, Colt, Crowne, Ray Skizz, Kayle.
Your favorite part about surfing...My Bentley.
Goals in the sport…More air.
Weird but true…I lived in the Birchrunville, PA sticks till I was 14.
Craziest travel story…I walked from Florida to NJ barefoot and backwards, in the rain, while carrying two kegs(of root-beer).
Parting words...I once chugged a root-beer in two seconds flat! Ha Stick Em.