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Team Rider Seamus Carey has worked hard this winter, driven by a love for surfing, and impassioned by the dream of becoming a professional surfer. He’s posted images of his travels, training, and dedication on his Instagram feed, @surfinmoose (which is a joy to follow), and we’ve all been able to watch his talent progress. Last weekend, in particular, was a massive one for the 10 year old as he swept his divisions entered at Regional Qualifiers for the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Mom and Dad drove him to Florida in December and set up shop for 3 months to allow Seamus to surf frequently and spend time with Quicksilver East Coast team manager, Matt Kechele. He did a couple comps but his main focus was to enjoy surfing and not get too serious, too fast, with competitive level surfing and the stress involved with chasing points. In fact, he wasn’t committed to surfing NSSA Easterns until the last minute, but it’s a good thing he decided to compete, because he burn’t through rounds all the way to the top!

“The Moose,” as his peers and fans all know him, has for the moment, achieved his goals and tasted the sweet, sweet victorious result of his work ethic and dedication (even it he’s just he’s just having fun). He has realized that his dream is within reach, and even better, he has found a winning formula! He’s just gonna have fun and surf his heart out and there is absolutely nothing better than that! He is the number 1 East Coast contender in his divisions heading to Nationals, and he has a list of great sponsors, a solid social following, and most importantly, his biggest fans, Mom and Dad in his corner.