Written by Michael Lamantia, creator of the Brian Deutsch Memorial non-profit.

Brian was one of my closet friends, and was an amazing, and influential guy. When he passed, we that were closet to him wanted to put together a worthy, and suitable memorial for him. Shortly after he passed we decided to try to put on a skate contest in his memory. It all just kind of made sense and fell into place. I grew up spending summers in Sea Isle, (Brian had spent a lot of time down there with me as well), and we’ve been friends with Chad (Harris) for a long time. I gave him a call at the Sea Isle shop, discovered the new park was being built, and kicked around this idea of putting on a contest. We got approval from Brian’s family, support from Heritage, Sea Isle City Parks & Recreation and then we started the planning process. I had never done anything like this before, but I just started to roll with it. Brian’s family and Myself decided that we not only wanted to hold a memorial, but wanted to create an actual charitable entity. An entity that we could run events with, that would bring the people that surrounded Brian in life together while giving back to the local skateboard community, and fundraise to support local causes, and national charities alike.

Last Sunday marked our 3rd contest (August ’13, August ’14, & August ’15). Since we started in 2013, we’ve raised and donated over $19,000.00 in Brian’s name & memory to various charities benefitting Childhood Cancer, Autism, DIY Skate Spots, Homeless shelters, and now the City of Sea Isle parks & recreation. In the process we have hooked up and stoked out more than a 160 groms and amatuer skaters. It just seems to get better each year! The attendees have a blast, and have become more supportive than ever! The competitors not only have an amazing time as well, but they are so appreciative of what we’re doing for them, and the skate community, it’s amazing! I truly believe we have something special going on at BDMSK8. We have a lot of volunteers, that all do it because “what we have is different”. We do what we do in support of a great friend, we do it for the kids, for skateboarding, and for great causes. Everyone sees it, and loves it I guess. The talent level of our kids is unmatched, and we truly have the fiercest competition of any contest around. Competitors travel hours to attend and compete. This years contest was probably our best yet, and I’m confident that we’ll continue to grow!

The winners from this year are:


1st- Chaz Moreno
2nd- Sonny Pechillo
3rd- Evers Enochs


1st- James Wolfe
2nd – Devin Flynn
3rd – Anton Zambell


1st- John Valentin
2nd- Nick Demento
3rd- Alec Jones

16-open (including mens):

1st- Ryan Halbe
2nd- Joe Devito
3rd- Rod the Ancient


1st- Rob Werner
2nd – Tyler Nelson
3rd- Stephen Carty

We raised and are planning to donate over $6500.00 from the contest to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Project Home (philadelphia), and Sea Isle Parks and Rec.