Date of Birth: July 30, 2005
Hometown: Linwood, NJ
Home Break: Longport but I love trying out new breaks
Sponsors: Heritage, Coastal Collaboration and N.U.B
Contest Results: 1st place Pearl Classic 10&u 2012 & 2013, 2nd place Brendan Borek 9&u and 10-12 2013, 1st place O.C.S.A 10&u 2014, 1st place Chip Miller 11&u 2014, 1st place Brendan Borek 9&u  2014
Travels: California and Puerto Rico
What do you do to train? Surf, swim, skate, cross fit and yoga
What do you do when it’s flat? Paddle, swim and run wild
Who is your crew? Anyone out in the water. Always meeting super cool people out there
Your favorite part about surfing? Everything!
Goals in the sport... travel more, continue to meet rad people and just have fun seeing where it takes me
Favorite Surfer…really all the local guys that help me out in the water
Weird but true… At Lower Trestles I had a seal follow me around all day. Paddled back out with me after every wave
Craziest travel story... I woke up in the refrigerator in Rincon
Parting words… See ya out there