Nick Brady

Date of Birth: February 23, 2000
Hometown: Ocean City, NJ
Home Break: North Street
Sponsors: Heritage, Dakine , Smith Optics, Brian Wynn Surfboards, and Coastal Collaboration
Contest results: 1st place Pecks Beach 2012
Travels: OBX
1 What do you do to train?…Surf, Skate, and Bike.
2 What do you do when it’s flat?…Skate my half pipe or hang out with friends..
3 Who is your crew? Who are your friends?… Frankie, Joey, Doug, Craig, Jimmy, Korey, and Nick O..
4 Your favorite part about surfing… Getting shacked !!
5 Goals in the sport… Go Big!
6 Favorite Surfer… Mason Ho.
7 Weird but true… My dad caught a striper the size of me in the waves next to me surfing.
8 Craziest travel story…In OBX I almost got knocked off my board by a dolphin..
9 Parting words…YEW!!!


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July 2, 2016