Ben Graeff

Date of Birth: November 28, 1988
Hometown: Longport, NJ
Home Break: Slingys
Sponsors: Heritage, N.U.B.
Contest results: 3rd place 2007 NJ Grudge Match, 5th place 2008 ECSC ASP pro jr
Travels: Australia, Tahiti, Hawaii, West Coast, Mexico, Puerto Rico
1 What do you do to train?…Surf.
2 What do you do when it’s flat?…Mud wrestle.
3 Who is your crew? Who are your friends?…Tucka, Hob, Big perv, Billy d, Colt, Crowne, Ray Skizz, Kayle.
4 Your favorite part about surfing…My Bentley.
5 Goals in the sport…More air.
6 Weird but true…I lived in the Birchrunville, PA sticks till I was 14.
7 Craziest travel story…I walked from Florida to NJ barefoot and backwards, in the rain, while carrying two kegs(of root-beer).
8 Parting words…I once chugged a root-beer in two seconds flat! Ha Stick Em.


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July 1, 2016