TeddyD’s Forecast

May 17th, 2018

A stationary front is giving us funky weather and dribbly surf, but bigger surf is on the way and the water is 60! Look for winds to switch NE Friday, picking up the size of the surf (4-6ft), but not the quality as it will be pretty sloppy.  Definitely rideable though. Onshore winds continue Saturday, but it should lighten up as the day goes and seas will still be in the 3-5ft range – probably kinda wonky but some spots could be fun. Southerly flow will return late Saturday so look for a south windswell Sunday in the 4-5ft range with offshore winds coming in the afternoon.  Should be fun, (especially in CNJ) so go find a couple clean ones!  Smaller but possibly still fun leftovers Monday, then small south windswell for most of next week.

I’m keeping my eye on some potential tropical activity developing near Florida on Memorial Day weekend.  Long-range models have some real swell in our future so stay tuned….