TeddyD’s Forecast

Oct 12th, 2016 

Hurricane Nicole is spinning at 100mph just south of Bermuda and will send us really good surf over the next few days!  Swell lines are already starting to show today but winds are light side shore.  Thursday should be really fun with 4-5′ groundswell from the SE and light offshore winds!  Look for the swell to peak Friday morning (5’@13sec) but winds will be straight North so choose your beach wisely.  Long Island and southern New England will have ideal conditions, as well as a few spots in SNJ.  Seas drop Saturday into the 3-4ft range with a shift to straight East swell and winds will still be N/NE.  Sunday is looking really fun with that East swell still hanging but winds will go really light…all in all a good weekend of surf on tap.  As we go into next week, Nicole won’t be done sending us surf as we may see her send us a long range shot of swell in the 14-16 second range from the East.  Stay tuned for more on that…until then have fun today through Sunday!!