TeddyD’s Forecast

Aug 12th, 2018

Flat spell continues today but we should see a slight bump starting tomorrow.  SE windswell in the 2-3ft range should fill in Monday-Tuesday, but there is also a very small long-period groundswell that will be under it which means there could be some fun set waves.  Again, when I say small, like 0.5’@14 seconds…but my hope is that will give the mostly weak windswell a little something extra.  Nothing over stomach high, but enough to do a turn on your groveler and definitely fun for the logs.  West winds kick in Wednesday which will knock it back down to thigh high through the weekend, but there will still be longboardable waves if you are desperate.  After that, it’s looking pretty bleak with no real swell currently being predicted.  There are 2 areas in the Atlantic being monitored for tropical development, but it’s still not translating to good swell for us in the models.  Hopefully that changes.

Stay tuned ….TeddyD