TeddyD’s Forecast

July 16th, 2018

Southerly flow to kick off the week should produce a little bit of fun surf for Wednesday.  Seas will increase throughout the day Tuesday as a frontal system approaches, then passes by Wednesday morning.  Look for 3ft surf with light NW winds early coming onshore after lunch.  Fun bumps  (but nothing special) mostly in the waist-stomach high range with top spots possibly seeing chest high sets.  Small leftovers Thursday with light northerly winds that will shift onshore.  Those onshore winds will remain through Saturday so by then we can expect a short period east windswell around 3-4ft.  Sunday we will see stiff southerlies return which will produce some (hopefully) solid windswell to start off next week.  Long-range forecasts are showing lots of south swell in our future which is a good thing!

Stay tuned ….TeddyD