TeddyD’s Forecast

August 24th, 2016 

Tropical Storm Gaston has formed as predicted and will become a hurricane today.  The track will remain NW from now through Saturday but will take a sharp turn North late Saturday night (sparing Bermuda), but then it is going to slow down and possibly stall. The storm is intensifying and by Sunday morning there is a good possibility that it will be a Category 2 with winds approaching 100mph. This all means Gaston will give the entire East Coast a well deserved 5 days or more of surf.  (Actually, there will be swell from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean).  NJ’s first lines will appear Sunday but we will see local onshore winds so conditions won’t be great.  By Monday, everywhere will see groundswell starting at 3-4′ @ 15seconds and growing.  Winds won’t be perfect but it will be light so get out there!  If the long-range forecasts stay true, each morning from Tues-Thurs of next week will be EPIC with light offshore winds and blue skies (winds turning sideshore around noon each day).  I will give you guys another update this weekend just to solidify everything.  Get ready….